Thorton Nyguen

"It all begins with the shoes". Looking down at Thorton Ngyuen's kicks, the Women’s Nike Air Max 90 blind and amaze you, as he strides down the hallways of Latin Academy. 

The child of Vietnamese immigrants, Thorton was born in Lowell, MA. Growing up he spent his time playing video games imagining that he was a powerful warrior. The time spent playing video games fostered his own passion for fashion. He was inspired by the uniqueness of anime and manga characters. Thorton eventually learned to draw, by teaching himself. He slowly but surely developed his own style and taste. Thorton's love for the arts, was never truly understood by his father. Wanting a masculine and traditional son wasn't who Thorton was and he realized that he wasn't going to compromise himself for anyone. 

"Handsome as fuck". This is how Thorton describes himself. Working at Artists for Humanity has allowed Thorton to cultivate his own sense of style and personality. The organization is a place for students to grow and create. And Thorton has done just that.

Having won the Senior Superlative for Best Dressed, Thorton defintiely sees his future in fashion. He plans to open an affordable high end boutique with him as the senior creative director. It will show a  vast amount of diversity and color, catering to everyone. 


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