Féminin: french; adjective Having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.
A woman can be defined by many thinggs. Her beauty, intellegence, fame, race, wealth...ass. The definition of femininity and what it means to be a woman has drastically changed, that at times the meaning is obscured and exploited by the media.

I have met many women in life, and from our shared experiences I have come to the conclusion that a woman is an ever evolving creature.

She must know that her beauty holds no bounds, both inside and out.
She is humble, but not afraid to be proud of her achievements.
She will come in many shapes, sizes and forms -that must all be appreciated and received.
She is willing to accept and embrace all those who come to her.
She is unapologetically feminine.

Let me know what you think is Féminin and nominate anyone you'd like to see profiled.


  1. I have been told I am a feminine male. By that, people tell me that I am not the typical big, buff guy who cares about sex, physical disputes, cars, tools, engineer, sports, meat, etc. But rather I am small, compassionate, thoughtful, edgy, unique, colorful, friendly, and bashful.

    Ms. Flaherty re-taught us yesterday that we all exhibit collective conscious. This is a term used to describe natural instincts of how we perceive something to be due to a standard set by humanity's past. An example could be that a man is supposed to be the fighter, while the woman is set to be a nurturer. There are some truths to that however, because men are naturally born bigger (occasionally not, but the majority of the time), while women are better at caring (occasionally not, but the majority of the time).

    So how would you profile me?

    1. I've never heard of the term collective conscious. I think that it's a really cool concept and I agree that a majority of the time people fall into these categories but with slight quirks. I would profile you in a way that is dignified but still reveals who you are.

  2. I feel as though flowers are normally associated with being Feminin (don't know how to add accents) Flowers represent delicacy and prettiness and women are always gifted with flowers from their boyfriends, husbands etc.. Sometimes women are even called/ compared to being a delicate flower.

    1. Today it's wrong for a woman to be seen as feminin because fragility and delicacy are seen as weakness. I think that it's okay to be delicate, but it's also okay to be a bit rough around the edges you know?

  3. 1. "I have met many *woman in life.." *women (plural)
    2. This is actually a very poignant post in so few lines.
    3. Sometimes I think that people associate the word feminine with girly, and that kind of offends some women who don't associate with the typical "girly-girl" image, but I think being feminine should be interpreted with how a woman owns her own identity, whether or not she fits into the societal image of what a woman looks like and does.
    5. I very, very lowkey want to nominate myself to be profiled.

    1. Thanks for the correction. I agree, I believe that femininity can mean many things. But, it doesn't have to be degrading or demeaning, it can be empowering. Female qualities are a powerful thing.



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